ECOAGUA is a Spanish company which has been pioneering in desalination and water reuse since 1998 in both national and international market.

ECOAGUA offers specialized services in engineering and consulting of water treatments with high added value. Our team of professionals is fully qualified to offer our clients a full consultation ranging from conception of the idea with feasibility studies and analysis of alternatives, through to preparing and developing bids, the design, construction, assembly and commissioning for a new plant. In addition, we carry out energy audits as well as process audits for operating plants.

An engineering company offering construction services


ECOAGUA also has the capability to realize and execute plant design, including large capacity plants, which makes us an engineering company that can go further by offering the same knowledge and experience as a construction company. This sets us apart from the great majority of the sector’s engineering businesses.

ECOAGUA counts on professionals with more than 35 years of experience in desalination who have participated in the evolution and transformation of the sector at all levels. As a result of our work with a great number of customers we are able to offer unique, state-of-the-art engineering with a singular, accomplished and defined domain of each stage of a plant’s life cycle.

Among our clients are public administrations, construction companies, banks, investor and energy companies.

More efficient solutions with a personalized service and collaboration.

For ECOAGUA, each project is unique. Therefore, we actively promote close collaboration with each one of our clients offering them a personalized service.

We make the goals of our clients our own.

Our work philosophy allows us to provide efficient and competitive solutions that meet the needs and objectives of our clients.

We systematically analyze all alternatives in order to find the most efficent solutions

Which result in minimizing the power consumption of a plant as well as achieving optimal performance.

Our designs incorporate the latest innovations and offer the best performance.

ECOAGUA is continuously learning and closely follows progress made in the industry. This puts us in a position to present our clients with designs that incorporate the latest innovations and offer the best performance.


Juan María Sánchez, founder of ECOAGUA, participated in the design of the first desalination plants that were made in Spain in the 1970s. With the exception of some plants in the Middle East, they were also among the first in the world.

At that time desalination technology was not as mature as it is today and Juan María was a true pioneer with his designs.

In ECOAGUA we are proud of our history and working closely with Juan María on many projects has allowed the rest of the team to absorb his knowledge and wealth of experience.

This makes us able to tackle each project with an innate knowledge of the market, equipment and innovation allowing us to avoid committing past mistakes and to implement the latest technology with an optimal approach.