ECOAGUA is committed to innovation and research as a way to maintain the highest quality in our work and offer the highest efficiency in our designs.

Our team of professionals has actively contributed to the development of advances and improvements in the industry at all levels. Our research work has been published in different specialized magazines and been presented at conferences arranged by the Spanish Association of Desalination and Reuse (AEDyR) and the International Desalination Association (IDA).


Design water analysis sheet
Physical and chemical parameters of a desalted water that must be taken into account in the design of a desalination plant. PDF
Calculation of power
Application for the calculation of the power consumed by a pump. EXCEL
Desalination by Instantaneous Multi-step Evaporation (M.S.F)
Description of the Multi-step Instantaneous Evaporation Process. PDF
Desalination by Solar Distillation
Description of the solar distillation process. PDF
Desalination by Reverse Osmosis
Description of the Reverse Osmosis Process. PDF 
Desalination by Electrodialysis
Description of the electrodialysis process. PDF
Desalination by Multi-Effect Evaporation in Horizontal Tube (H.T.M.E.)
Description of the Multi-effect process in Horizontal Pipes. PDF
Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration and Nanofiltration
Description of Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration and Nanofiltration processes. PDF
Desalination through Steam Compression
Description of the Steam Compression Process. PDF
Use of variable frequency drivers in process control of desalination plants
N. Sánchez, A. Dapueto, J.M. Sánchez. IX Congreso Internacional de AEDyR. Madrid. Noviembre 2012. PDF
Modeling using a coupled system of differential equations
J.I. Díaz, J.M. Sánchez, N. Sánchez. II Seminario Internacional de Desalación de Antofagasta (Chile). Noviembre 2010. PDF
Water: new challenges
J.M. Sánchez. Notes d’Aigua. Fundació Agbar. 2009. PDF
Desalination processes
J.M. Sánchez. Capí­tulo Dos: La Desalación en España. AcuaMed. 2008. PDF
Typology of brine discharges in seawater desalination plants and methods for minimizing their environmental impact
M. Torres, N. Sánchez. I Seminario Internacional de Desalación de Antofagasta (Chile). Noviembre 2008. PDF
Brine discharge procedures to minimize the environmental impact and energy consumption
R. Sánchez, J.M. Sánchez, N. Sánchez. Congreso Mundial de la IDA. Maspalomas (Gran Canaria). Octubre 2007. PDF
Mathematical model for isobaric energy recovery devices
J.M. Sánchez, N. Sánchez, R. Sánchez. Congreso Mundial de la IDA. Maspalomas (Gran Canaria). Octubre 2007. PDF
Techniques and processes available in reuse
J.M. Sánchez. IV Conferencia sobre Gestión del Agua, AQUA’07. Palma de Mallorca. Febrero 2007. PDF
Desalination technologies: distillation processes
J.M. Sánchez. XII Máster Internacional de riego y drenaje, Centro Nacional de Tecnologí­as de Regadí­os. Madrid. Mayo 2007. PDF
Representation and comparison between the operating curves of a Desalting Plant model that uses as SIP energy recovery system and Pelton Turbines
R. Sánchez, J.M. Sánchez. VI Congreso Nacional de AEDyR. Palma de Mallorca. Noviembre 2006. PDF
Desalination plants update on the Island of Ibiza. New process design
M. Torres, B. Reus, N. Sánchez. VI Congreso Nacional de AEDyR. Palma de Mallorca. Noviembre 2006. PDF
Improving the energy efficiency of desalination plants: new energy recovery systems
F. Martí­n, J.M. Sánchez. Ingeniería y territorio, ISSN 1695-9647, Nº. 72, pag. 74-79. 2005. PDF
Desalination of water: its current state
J.M. Sánchez. SAM: Suport a la gestió ambiental d’activitats en el municipi, ISSN: 1139-4366, Nº. 11, pag. 99-103. 2004. PDF
The phenomenon of osmosis in the dispersion of brine on a seabed
J.M. Sánchez. Jornada Cientí­fica: Plantas desaladoras y vertido marino, organizado por I.E.H., Aguas de la Cuenca del Segura y AEDyR. Murcia. 2003. PDF
Energy and sea water desalination
J.M. Sánchez. Foccuss Session en XI World Water Congress, organizado por IWRA, AIRE, AIREH y el CEDEX. Madrid. Octubre 2003. PDF
Energy consumption in seawater desalination processes
J.M. Sánchez. I Congreso Nacional de AEDyR. Murcia. 2000. PDF
Marbella seawater desalination plant: construction and start-up experience
M. Sánchez. IDA World Congress on Desalination and Water Reuse. Madrid. 1997. PDF
Royal Decree 140/2003 of 7 February
By which establishes the sanitary criteria of the quality of the water of human consumption. PDF
Order SCO / 3719/2005 of 21 November
On substances for the treatment of water intended for the production of water for human consumption. PDF
Law 10/2001, of July 5, of the National Hydrological Plan
Law that regulates matters of Waters referred to in article 43 of Law 29/1985, of August 2, as contained in the National Hydrological Plan. PDF
Royal Decree Law 2/2004, of June 18, amending the Law 10/2001, of 5 July, of the NHP
Modification to the National Hydrological Plan. PDF
Desalination for Safe Water Supply
Guide to health and environment issues related to desalination. PDF
Multi-stage Instant Evaporation (M.S.F.)
Useful equations for calculating the multistage instant evaporation process. PDF
Multi-effect distillation (M.E.D.)
Useful equations for the calculation of the multi-effect distillation process. PDF
Mechanical steam compression
Useful equations for the calculation of the process of mechanical compression of steam. PDF
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