Oct 2018
Interview with Noemí Sánchez in iagua magazine
Águeda García de Durango, responsible for water content, interviews Noemí Sánchez about the celebration of the XII International AEDyR Congress in Toledo and about the realization of the documentary DESALACIÓN EN ESPAÑA EN PRIMERA PERSONA: DE HITOS PIONEROS, A REFERENTE INTERNACIONAL + info
Nov 2014
Interview with Ecoagua in the magazine iagua
Águeda García de Durango, responsible for water content, interviews Ecoagua about his experience in desalination in Chile and desalination in Spain. +info
Jan 2013
Interview with ECOAGUA on the radio program Made in Spain
Gabriel Herrero director and presenter of the program Made in Spain of Radio Exterior of Radio Nacional de España, interview with Ecoagua. +info
Jan 2013
El País publishes an article on Spanish companies specialized in desalination
“The Spanish construction companies have helped them with their proven ability to design, build and manage facilities, as well as their experience in structuring financing projects and the quality of national engineering. Is not a construction company, but an engineering company, the Ecoagua company in Madrid, with dozens of contracts in Chile, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Abu Dhabi, Brazil, California and Massachusetts”. +info
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