Aguas de Antofagasta, belonging to Grupo EPM, plans to carry out Phase 2 of the Planta Desaladora Norte, with the aim of meeting the growth in demand for drinking water in Antofagasta and Mejillones and accompanying the growth potential of the regional capital, reaching 100% supply via seawater desalination in the city of Antofagasta.

The project contemplates increasing the production capacity by 630 L/s with an estimated investment of 115 million US dollars.

Aguas de Antofagasta is once again committed to self-management of the project, counting on ECOAGUA as an external consultant specializing in the design of the installation.

ECOAGUA has carried out the process design, electrical calculations and sizing of plant equipment, developing the data sheets and technical specifications for the purchase of mechanical and electrical equipment, also becoming involved in the process of technical evaluation of the offers of main equipment, presented by different manufacturers.

The project will be carried out on the plot adjacent to the existing Planta Desaladora Norte and includes the construction of a new seawater collection intake pipeline.

Aguas de Antofagasta is currently bidding for the construction works of the plant, managing the construction project directly from the sanitation company, based on the engineering prepared by ECOAGUA and Aguas de Antofagasta itself, in charge of carrying out the design of the civil works of the project, as well as the detailed drawings of the electromechanical equipment. Phase 2 of the project is expected to come into operation in 2023. ECOAGUA strengthens its collaboration with Aguas de Antofagasta, the leading producer of drinking water through desalination in Latin America, through the participation in all the desalination projects that the sanitation company has been carrying out in the last 20 years.