Aguas de Antofagasta awards ECOAGUA the technical assistance contract for the EPC bidding process for the construction of Antofagasta 300 seawater reverse osmosis Desalination Plant, in Chile.

The water needs of the region mean that Aguas de Antofagasta has decided to start the construction of a new desalination plant for the city of Antofagasta, with 630 l/s of potable water production capacity. For the construction of said desalination plant, an investment of USD 92.4 million will be made.

The scope of ECOAGUA’s work includes expert advice to Aguas de Antofagasta during the International Bidding process of the EPC Contract of the desalination plant, for which it will carry out the preparation of the Bidding Documents, including Technical Bases, Instructions to bidders, Bid evaluation methodology, will lead the clarification processes and request for missing information and will carry out the evaluation of the Bidders’ Technical Offers.

Aguas de Antofagasta is a Chilean health services company that began to develop its production and services activities in December 2003. Since then it collaborates with the Chilean State in its mission to guarantee the community access to drinking water and quality sanitary services, in a sustainable way, with emphasis on the main cities of the regions in which it has concessions.

ECOAGUA continues to expand the confidence of Aguas de Antofagasta, after actively participating in the latest desalination projects it has carried out in recent years, like Planta Desaladora Norte extension and the construction of Tocopilla SWRO Plant. ECOAGUA has been working successfully with this client for more than ten years.

Likewise, ECOAGUA strengthens its presence in the Chilean market, one of the leading countries in cubic meters of desalinated water in Latin America and which continues to bet heavily on desalination.