Jornada AedyrThe Spanish Association of Desalination and Reuse (AEDyR) successfully closed the 3rd edition of the Technical Conference “New Materials, Products and Services for Desalination and Reuse”, which took place in Madrid on May 22.

Nearly 140 attendees, including directors, technicians and professionals of the sector, attended this third edition, where they exchanged knowledge and experiences in the areas of desalination and water reuse.

The 11 papers of this edition dealt with different technological aspects that cover a large part of the different phases of the desalination and water reuse processes.

During the afternoon session two round tables were held moderated by Juan María Sanchez, founder of ECOAGUA.

In the first, Ignacio del Río Marrero, head of the Water Technology Area of CEDEX, presented the main aspects of the new European reuse regulation, highlighted the influential role of Spain in the delineation of the draft and the repercussions that its approval will have for this sector in our country. On the other hand, Mª José Tomas Sánchez, from the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), explained the public financing options for the technological investment of Spanish entities and companies in the sector, and finally Mario Araus Gozalo, Acuamed Operations Manager, wanted to highlight the entity’s commitment to innovation, making available to those present the plants managed by Acuamed as a pilot testing field.

In the second round table, which was attended by the heads of purchases and projects of some of the main companies of our country, we talked about the management of supplies, and their outstanding role as a gateway to new equipment and materials for desalination and reuse plants.

ECOAGUA continues to collaborate with AEDyR in the organization of these events and conferences, which involve a meeting and debate for the various private and public agents related to water management, especially desalination and reuse.