Obras TocopillaAguas de Antofagasta begins the construction works of the Tocopilla Desalination Plant, which will be located in the “Caleta Vieja” sector in the city of Tocopilla. The plant has been designed with an initial installed production capacity of 75 l/s, expandable in the future to 100 l/s.

With this initiative, Puerto Salitrero will become the first city in Chile with more than 20 thousand inhabitants with 100% potable water supply from desalination of seawater.

ECOAGUA has been present in the project since its conception, carrying out a feasibility study of the Plant, a trade-off study of pre-treatment alternatives and carrying out the basic engineering of the Plant in the disciplines of process, mechanics, electricity and instrumentation and control.

The construction of this new infrastructure has just started recently and it is expected that it can be put into operation in mid-2019.

The seawater will be captured by an underwater pipeline that goes 650 meters into the Pacific Ocean and to a depth of 29 meters, to be later pumped from the coast to the process building where desalination and remineralization of water takes place.

ECOAGUA continues to show satisfactory results as a result of work and experience in the desalination industry, values that allow us to consolidate the trust placed in us by our customers, who again bet on ECOAGUA in their search for the highest quality standards in their plants.

After the recent expansion of the North Desalination Plant, with the extensive participation of ECOAGUA also in the Project, Aguas de Antofagasta achieved the milestone of being the first Sanitary Company in Chile with the capacity to directly manage the construction of a large Desalination Plant. Now in the Tocopilla Plant they face a new challenge, in which ECOAGUA again brings its experience and specialization.