GS Inima awards to ECOAGUA the preparation of the technical feasibility study for the development of the seawater reverse osmosis desalination plant of Fortaleza, in the disciplines of process, mechanical, electricity and instrumentation and control.

Fortaleza is a desalination plant designed with a production capacity of 86,400 m3/d expandable to 172,800 m3/d to cover the needs of drinking water derived from the tourist development of the Fortaleza area. Conceived in the metropolitan area of the city of Fortaleza, this seawater desalination plant is the one with the highest production capacity projected so far in Brazil, which may be a starting point for the proliferation of more desalination projects, in a country with needs for drinking water.

The feasibility study carried out is submitted to the Companhia de Água e Esgoto do Ceará (Cagece), which is a water company managed by the State of Brazil, responsible for providing water supply services, collection and treatment of wastewater in the north-eastern state of Ceará. The company supplies drinking water to 151 of the 184 municipalities in the state and is the developer of the Desalination Plant project. After evaluating the projects received, Cagece selects the project presented by GS Inima to serve as the basis for the future bidding process for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the plant, scheduled for the end of this year.

The Plant will be developed on the Public Private Participation (PPP) regime, with the investment being made exclusively by the private initiative. The completion of the construction and commissioning of the plant is scheduled for the year 2020, from this date starts the operation and maintenance of the plant for a period not less than 23 years.

ECOAGUA consolidates its relationship with GS Inima, the result of numerous successful collaborations and expands its international presence in South America, returning to carry out a project in Brazil, after participating in the viability study of the Tubarao Plant for Arcelor Mittal ten years ago.