Acciona Agua awarded ECOAGUA with the development of the bidding project for the international bidding for the construction of Jeddah IV, in Saudi Arabia, for the operator Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC).

The project consists of the design and construction of a desalination plant in Jeddah, with a production capacity of 404,000 m3/d.

Acciona Agua contracted ECOAGUA to carry out the development of the complete bidding project, particularly challenging when requesting two alternative designs with more than 100 documents and drawings deliverable in each case.

ECOAGUA successfully completes the preparation of the tender project, although after successive delays in the submission of the offer by SWCC, the construction modality of the plant is finally changed requesting the bidders to consider the project under the Independent Water Project (IWP) model, which entails obtaining private funding for the project, rather than the initial EPC modality.

Finally Acciona Agua decides not to submit an offer for the completion of the project, the deadline for the presentation of the new offer proposed by the SWCC operator is quite tight to obtain the financing requirements required by the project, so many of the bidders finally discard the project, the operator finally receiving two offers. After the relocation of the project to Shuaibah, 110 Km south of Jeddah, the project for the design and construction of the desalination plant is finally awarded to Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction. The new plant will have capacity enough to supply 130,000 people a day in western Saudi Arabia.

ECOAGUA strengthens the collaboration with Acciona Agua with this project, following the recent preparation of the bidding project for Barka and Sohar plants in Oman, with production capacities of 281,000 m3/d and 250,000 m3/d, also for Acciona Agua forming a consortium with GS Inima and Oman Investment Corporation.