Aguas de Antofagasta awarded ECOAGUA with the contract for the development of the construction engineering of the project of extension of Planta Desaladora Norte (La Chimba), which will extend its production from 56.160 m3/d to 73.440 m3/d.

Ecoagua has been involved in the project from its conception, conducting a previous trade-off study of pre-treatment alternatives and now developing the basic engineering of the plant, providing support during detail engineering, developing the technical specifications and the technical comparison of the different offers of manufacturers for the purchase of electromechanical equipment.

The project is very significant, thanks to the experience as an operator of desalination plants of Aguas de Antofagasta and to Ecoagua’s consultancy work during construction, it is the client Aguas de Antofagasta, who is in charge of directing and executing the construction of the expansion project of the plant.

The project allows strengthening the drinking water system of the region, giving greater reliability to users. The milestone also allows the local water utility to supply up to 85% of Antofagasta users with water from the Pacific Ocean. The goal is that in 2020 Aguas de Antofagasta has the capacity to supply 100% of the regional capital with this supply, while maintaining the mountain range water as backup.

ECOAGUA therefore maintains its excellent relationship with Aguas de Antofastga, fruit of the satisfactory work developed for this client over the last years, in which ECOAGUA has participated in the conception of the desalination project of Antofagasta Sur (2006-2012 ), carrying out the design optimization project for the construction of the Taltal Plant (2011), teaching a course on desalination for the client (2009) or carrying out various works at La Chimba plant, such as: contingency studies against red tide (2011) and contingency and audit plan (2006-2007).